How to Avoid Air Pockets in Homemade Sausage

How to Avoid Air Pockets in Homemade Sausage Tips and Tricks for the Home Processor If you’ve ever made sausage at home, you may have inadvertently incorporated some unappealing air pockets in your “rope” sausage while stuffing your casing.  To make sure that your sausage is nice, tight and firm  before it is linked, refer […]

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Meat Grinding; How to

A general rule of thumb is to grind lean meats two times. Grinding reduces the diameter of the muscle fibres to the size of the chosen plate. Although the diameter is now smaller, the muscle fibres and connective tissues are still very long, and can be tough or chewy. This may be desirable in some […]

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Mixing: How to mix for proper extraction

Lean muscle tissue (meat) contains several proteins that serve different functions.   Myofibrillar proteins (muscle fibre proteins) are responsible for muscle contraction and are abundant in lean meat. Myofibrillar proteins are very important because they are salt soluble; meaning that they can be dissolved with salt and are extracted from the lean mixture through mixing […]

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Water – An Essential Ingredient

Water is essential for creating a “great” sausage batter, ultimately improving quality and consistency. By using distilled or filtered water, we can ensure that all of the impurities have been removed that may otherwise cause off flavour or colour.   Protein extraction from the lean muscle is utilized for binding meats, fat and water together […]

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How to prevent sausage from crumbling

Why does my sausage break apart and crumble when I cook it? Crumbly cooked sausage is usually the result of not enough fat or not enough water in the mix. Meat, fat and water are all important ingredients in making a quality finished product. At a molecular level, if properly combined, these components will bind together and retain […]

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No Melt Cheddar Cheese

Q. How can I add Cheddar to my smokies and not have scalding cheese burst out on the first bite?   A. NO MELT CHEDDAR CHEESE Finally, a Cheddar Cheese that will not melt out in the oven or microwave, but softens slightly to give that zesty, cheesy flavor the whole family is looking for. […]

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