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Recently, Amanda from our Edmonton office purchased a side of pig and of course, had some sausage making to do! We were able to capture her sausage making process in our Edmonton Kitchen to share with you.

The Ingredients and Equipment

Amanda starts by gathering her ingredients and equipment. She uses High Caliber spice units: Jalapeno Smokie with High Temp Cheddar, and Spicy Italian, along with 29/32 Natural Hog Casing. Her tools include a Eurodib #12 Electric Meat Grinder, Trespade 10 LB Manual Stuffer, Master-Bilt Electric Smoker with Hickory Sawdust, and a Food-Saver External Vacuum Packager with textured Vacuum Bags from High Caliber.

Preparing the Sausage Meat

With her ingredients and equipment ready, Amanda begins by preparing the meat. She carefully grinds the meat using the Eurodib #12 Electric Meat Grinder, ensuring a consistent texture.

Preparing meat to be ground

Seasoning the Sausage Meat

Once the meat is ground, Amanda mixes in the High Caliber spice units, thoroughly coating the meat with flavor. She takes care to distribute the spices evenly for a well-balanced taste.

Stuff the Sausage Casings

Using the Trespade 10 LB Manual Stuffer, Amanda fills the 29/32 Natural Hog Casings with the seasoned meat mixture. She works methodically, ensuring each casing is filled without overstuffing.

Smoke the Sausages

With the sausages stuffed, Amanda transfers them to the Master-Bilt Electric Smoker, which is filled with Hickory Sawdust for added flavor. She carefully monitors the temperature and smoke levels, allowing the sausages to smoke until perfectly cooked and infused with smoky goodness.

Package for Freshness

Once the sausages are smoked to perfection, Amanda uses her Food-Saver External Vacuum Packager to vacuum seal them in textured Vacuum Bags from High Caliber. This step ensures the sausages stay fresh and flavorful for an extended period. Make sure to label the packages so you know what flavour you’re getting!


After a day of hard work, Amanda’s 100lbs of homemade sausages are ready to be enjoyed. Whether served on their own, in a sandwich, or as part of a delicious meal, these sausages are sure to impress with their homemade flavor and quality ingredients.

sausage making at home with high caliber products

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