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High Caliber’s family is a dedicated and energetic group during and after work. Dedicated to working hard, having fun, trying innovative recipes or being active outdoors, this is where you will find our staff. Our staff has a wild mishmash of passions…canoeing, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, gardening – even classical guitar! Of course, the main reason we are all here…eating.

All of us at High Caliber appreciate the opportunity to help our adventure-seeking customers whether it be in the corporate jungle or redneck prairies that we are lucky enough to call home.

Read on to meet our friendly staff or click here to meet our Butcher and Sausage Class Instructors.

Meet Our Knowledgeable Team 

High Caliber Sausage Expert: Daniel
Chat with him at: Calgary Store
Favourite Flavour: Hot & Sweet Jerky
Top Tool: Cooking Pellets

Daniel provides a cool-headed levelness that we need in our office. He is a busy father of two strapping young men at home and then comes to work to take care of us and the business too. We love to hear stories of his eastern European roots and why he loves the tradition and earthiness of our Octoberfest sausage blend.

In the fall he leads our group in making a barrel of fermented sauerkraut “old-school” and there is nothing better than that with sausage and a bun. Not sure if he is better at handling a Chef Knife or calculator, but it is close.

High Caliber Sausage Expert: Stephanie
Chat with her at: Calgary Store
Favourite Flavour: High Caliber Jalapeno Jerky
Top Tool: Jerky Gun

Our soft-spoken youngster at the Calgary retail counter will surprise you with a panache for spicy jalapenos! She is a doll, but dangerous when she waves her loaded jerky gun around filled with High Caliber Jalapeno Jerky. She is the reason we are formulating more zesty, spicy and limey spice blends. Stephanie is mastering the art of smoking jerky in the Bradley P10 smoker and is very close for bacon-y perfection with the Bacon Dry Rub. Next up…brisket.

When she is not doting over her two felines Luna and Taeya at home, she is busily assisting our friendly sausage aficionados at the store. Come and see her anytime!

High Caliber Sausage Expert: Nolan
Chat with him at: Calgary Store
Favourite Flavour: Higher Caliber Charburger
Top Product: Hamburger Patty Making Kit

Nolan is a fitness buff and Canuck through and through. Poor Nolan cannot handle the heat, but loves the well-balanced English Banger sausage blend…in a breakfast patty or sausage, it does not matter. He has a “get it done chop-chop” attitude in both his culinary and professional life, so he prefers to grind meat quickly with a Trespade Grinder. He knows parts availability and ongoing service is important.

When he is not watching the Habs play, he is running stairs and doing cellies with a local bevvie. His real job is crunching numbers in the construction dept, but he will talk hockey all day long.

High Caliber Sausage Expert: Amel
Chat with her at: Edmonton Store
Favourite Flavour: High Caliber Juniper Berries
Top Tool: Colorful Henckel Paring Knives

Our sparkly girl has exotic tastes and you can tell when she adds aromatic Juniper Berries to many of her casseroles and stuffings at home. She has an active social life and can tell you the best hotspots for pastry and ethnic cooking in the diverse capital city. She is also a firecracker at work pumping out payroll and invoices to our great customers. Watch for her great smile around the office.

Our Staff High Caliber Sausage Expert Daniel
our staff stephanie at high caliber
our staff high caliber nolan


High Caliber Sausage Expert: Amanda M

Chat with her at: Edmonton Store

Favourite Flavour: High Caliber English Banger

Top Tool: Deluxe Patty Maker

This girl loves to have fun roaming around our great province hunting for fossils and great jerky recipes.  Our Top Gun coordinator of High Caliber Sausage Classes in Edmonton, she is now doing double time helping customers while in-person classes are on hold.



High Caliber Sausage Expert: Tyler

Chat with him at: Calgary Store

Favourite Flavour: Alberta Steak Spice

Top Tool: Deli Slicer and a Bradley Pro smoker

Ty is a busy dad on the go with his family, dogs and hunter buddies. Even though he is known to slap together a big batch of spicy Chorizo sausage, his real job is to design the cool spaces needed for the growing meat and produce industry in Alberta. Come and talk anything about hockey or smoking a beef brisket.


High Caliber Sausage Expert: Liz

Chat with her at: Calgary Store

Favourite Flavour: High Caliber Charburger

Top Tool: High Caliber Patty Maker

This little lady will surprise you…she does it all, at home and at work. You will see Liz in the fall rockin’ in her garden… canning, juicing, blanching and freezing her organic crops. To change things up, she likes to make the Octoberfest spice blend into patties for breakfast, or throw it into a hearty soup. Chat with Liz and she will make sure that you get the right items you need for your own sausage creations.


High Caliber Sausage Expert: Holly

Chat with her at: Edmonton Store

Favourite Flavour: High Caliber Signature Smokie

Top Tool: High Caliber Diamond Steel

Holly’s favorite saying is “go Big or go home” and that is just how she lives her life! This little darling has much experience in guiding staff in both our refrigeration and retail areas. If she is not cruising on her new bike, she might throw together some spicy Chorizo meatballs to zip up her famous pasta dish. Holly can talk anything from BBQ to Safety, so grab her as she hustles around the Edmonton office.


High Caliber Sausage Expert: Tim

Chat with him at: Calgary Store

Favourite Flavour: High Caliber Chili Lime Jerky

Top Tool: High Caliber Aluminum Jerky Shooter

Tim zooms in all directions, either up the hill on his mountain bike, or down the hill skiing. He like things fast and furious and spicy! He likes heat all year round, so he will make the High Caliber smoky Chipotle Sausage anytime. Tim’s real job is to purchase all of the little goodies for our hunter friends for both locations. Come in and see him anytime!


High Caliber Sausage Expert: Jim

Chat with him at: Calgary Store

Favourite Flavour: High Caliber Chili Lime Jerky

Top Tool:  Chef’s Choice Sharpener 

Jim is a busy dad running his boys around, so he has a great talent for dispatching all of our wily technicians. He likes to “gourmet up” even the simplest things, so when he is crafting Charburgers at home, he will add gourmet mustard and caramelized onions. And things have got to be quick… and sharp, so he recommends using the Chef Choice Diamond Stone Sharpeners at home.



High Caliber Sausage Expert: Leanne

Chat with her at: Calgary Store

Favourite Flavour: High Caliber Octoberfest Sausage

Top Tool: High Caliber 10LB Stuffer 

Leanne loves to try new things and is right in there trying new spices and gadgets for High Caliber’s hunter friends. Working out means hiking and sometimes golfing, but also working out details for our fun Sausage Classes and events. She can help steer you through the variety of High Caliber sausage and jerky spice blends… because Octoberfest can be eaten any time of year!


Meet Our Butcher and Sausage Class Instructors 


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