Tips for Using Collagen Casing for Homemade Sausage

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Why does Collagen Casing burst so often? What am I doing wrong?

Collagen casing is either your best friend or worst enemy.  They must be used correctly and have little to no room for deviation.  

Proper Storage

First, inspect that the casing was stored properly.  They must be refrigerated. Casings can be vacuum sealed or in a ziplock bag to prevent drying out.  

Use with a Sausage Stuffer

Next is to make sure that the casing is going onto the sausage horn in the right direction.  Putting the casing on backward will not allow it to be pressed smoothly, drastically increasing your chances of bursting.  The sloped end goes on first, with the end rolled in on itself facing out.  Most packages will have an arrow for direction.  

Do not Overstuff

Collagen casings are designed to be easily palatable, so a small over-stuff is all that is needed for them to reach their limit.  When stuffing, be sure there is a small amount of wrinkling visible on the casing once full.  This will allow you to link, and handle the sausage without it bursting.  

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