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Taking down an animal is only half the battle; High Caliber has all of the equipment you’ll need for your processing needs! The daily catch is always a treat to bring home to the family and we’ve shortlisted the products that will make your life easier. Trees, birds, wilderness, quads and guns! We get you, we’re cut from the same cloth.

Trusted Source of Meat Processing Information

Our hunters love us because they can count on High Caliber Products for quality products and quality information. All of our resources and educational material are double and triple-checked by our experts.

Our go-to instructor, Aaron McLaughlin, has been active in the meat industry since 2000. 

Aaron has had the opportunity to gain experience in almost every avenue of meat cutting and processing.  His interest in sausage making was developed at a young age when he would make family recipes in the kitchen with a hand press. From there his career took him to small butcher shops, abattoirs, large grocery chains, high-end butcher shops, to finally instructing at Olds College in the National Meat Training Center. 

Formally trained at SAIT in the Retail Meat Cutting Program, Aaron knows his stuff and is a trusted source of information for local hunters and butchers alike.

Click here to meet the crew of past and present experts that High Caliber has the privilege of working with.

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