Cures & Additives

Cures & Additives

Meat Cures & Additives for Sale in Canada

Alberta’s world class meat producers make it easy to explore new ways of creating exciting flavors for the quality proteins produced here. The most important detail, besides finding that favorite taste, is safety in our food preparation. Meat curing is a vast topic, but we can help you. No more worrying about the kids’ health after they chow down on some of dad’s experimental homemade jerky!

When smoking meat, only sodium nitrite (cure) achieves the following important functions:


  • stabilizes the characteristic pink color of cured meats;
  • contributes to the distinct cured flavor;
  • slows the development of oxidative rancidity; and,
  • prevents the growth of C. botulinum spores.

Confusing, eh? Well good job we are here to help. Our unique High Caliber sausage and jerky blends have just the right amount and type of cure included and packed separately inside. Ask us for the right type of cure for smoking sausage, jerky, bacon, ham or turkey. Attempting to brine soak a turkey or dry rub some bacon? We have quality, tested products to achieve your tastiest (and safest!) results.

For the more adventurous folks wanting to explore the art of making fermented salami, cervelat and chorizo, High Caliber Products has the quality cures and additives along with recipe books to guide this detailed process. Things like starter cultures, dextrose, and fermento all contribute to the tangy flavor desired in these fermented sausages. Knowledge involving the pH of meat, water activity and more is needed to ensure the safety of your meat based creations.

And it gets even better with the expansive topic of additives! Ask us about the usage and functions of sodium erythorbate, ascorbic acid, brifisol and the types of binders you might require. Different kinds of salt is a discussion in itself, and the key for any of these spices, cures or additives is to WEIGH them on a scale. Each ingredient has a purpose, but realize that sausage making is a sequence of events in which every step is an integral part of the whole.

Enough of the tough stuff! On to the finer points of eating sausage…on creating that quality, flavorful, convenient and affordable meal for your family.

We have everything the home processor needs, along with the sausage, jerky and bacon making flavors and know-how to steer you in the right direction. Don’t know the difference between Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Erythorbate? No problem, we do and we are here to help. Call us and let’s talk meat curing salt!


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