Egg Jars with Breakfast Andouille Sausage

Sous Vide Egg Jars with Sausage

Sous Vide Egg Jars with Breakfast/Andouille Sausage Looking for more healthy meal options for your family? This adaptable recipe is a crowd-pleaser as it’s easy to adjust to individual tastes. Lactose intolerant? Skip the cheese. Keto? Skip the toast and tater tots. Don’t have a yellow pepper? Skip it! The point is, you can have

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high caliber blog handling procedure collagen sausage casing

How to Use Collagen Sausage Casing

What are the benefits of Collagen Casing? This edible manufactured casing has different options depending on if you’re making a fresh or a smoked sausage. Fresh Collagen Casing Fresh Collagen Casing (cannot be smoked) sold in 22 or 30mm sizes for breakfast, maple, Italian, bratwurst. This type of collagen casing is best for fresh or

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high caliber blog handling procedure natural sausage casing

Natural Sausage Casing Safe Handling Procedures

Natural Sausage Casing by High Caliber Products High Caliber provides high-quality, traditional natural sausage casing that non-manufactured. The sausage stays tender, juicy and fresh. There are many benefits to Natural Casing: Variable permeability allows the product to “breathe” Experience a distinctive “snap” that only natural casing can provide Help protect and retain the fine flavor

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High Caliber Customer Appreciation – April 2021

Bust Outta Hibernation Isolation   Customer Appreciation – April 2021 QR Codes: Scan to reveal your prize, get the coupon code and save!  

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Sausage Making: 5 Steps of Cooking

  Join High Caliber Instructor Chris Giffen as he teaches Mantracker Terry Grant the 5 Steps of Cooking. Many DIY sausage-makers like to smoke their sausage. Find out the tips to do it like a pro! Chris Giffen shows you step-by-step how to get that perfect result. Did you know there are 5 Steps to

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Mineral Oil to Maintain Your Processing Equipment

How to Care for Carbon Steel Grinder Plates and Knives

If you have used High Caliber’s preferred plates in your meat grinder, you may have experienced a not so happy surprise when you’ve come back to use them after a period in storage. Many beginner sausage-makers and amateur chefs are used to working with stainless steel knives and tools and are unaware of the fact

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food priority allergens

Top Priority Food Allergens in Canada

What are Food Allergies? Food allergies affect an estimated 3 million Canadians, with approximately half of those being children. You may not have a food allergy in your household, but many of us have someone within our circles that does. If you’ve ever been tasked with providing a “safe snack” for a school activity or

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covid_19 reopening

COVID-19 Update & Retail Reopening

STOP! IF YOU ARE SICK… If you are experiencing ANY cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat OR believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19 Please do NOT enter our store for the safety of our customers and employees High Caliber’s Retail Rules for In-Store Shopping During the Pandemic 2 Shopper

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