food priority allergens

Top Priority Food Allergens in Canada

What are Food Allergies? Food allergies affect an estimated 3 million Canadians, with approximately half of those being children. You may not have a food allergy in your household, but many of us have someone within our circles that does. If you’ve ever been tasked with providing a “safe snack” for a school activity or

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covid_19 reopening

COVID-19 Update & Retail Reopening

STOP! IF YOU ARE SICK… If you are experiencing ANY cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat OR believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19 Please do NOT enter our store for the safety of our customers and employees High Caliber’s Retail Rules for In-Store Shopping During the Pandemic 2 Shopper

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umai dry age steak

Dry-age steak at home with Umai

Age your beef at home with Umai Dry® Steakhouse Quality Beef at Home If you have ever had the privilege of enjoying a steak at a high-end steakhouse, you know that nothing compares to a perfectly prepared and properly aged cut of beef. If you’re lucky enough to have experienced such a treat, you also

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fresh sausage made in the high caliber kitchen

I would like to try making sausage at home, what do I need to get started?

How To Make Sausage at Home, A Step-by-Step Guide So many people are looking to make sausage at home, but they don’t know what they need to get started. Making your own sausage is a great way to provide a healthy food option in an affordable fashion. There are so many variables to sausage-making, it is hard

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Covid-19 Response

Doing our part As this unprecedented situation unfolds, we at High Caliber feel the uncertainty alongside our valued family and community members. We are committed to supporting our network of customers and employees at the highest level as we adjust to a new dynamic. In addition to closing our retail access to the public, CTR

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Top 100 Items – High Caliber’s online sales

Save time, shop online – all your butcher, hunter and packer supplies in one convenient place We ship across Canada! To celebrate the 100th edition of our newsletter, we thought we’d share the top 100 selling items in our online store. CASING, FIBROUS 75mm x 24″ – click here to buy now FRESH CHORIZO (330g/PKG)

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Introducing the new Bradley Smart Smoker with iSmoke Technology

Set it and forget it, and intro to smart smoking Featuring innovative iSmoke® Technology, connect to and control the smoker from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones in real-time! Watch the video We carry the latest and greatest in Bradley Smokers, visit us in-store or online and check them out.

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sausage fresh high caliber kitchen

High Caliber Private Reserve Sausage

High Caliber Private Reserve Sausage Have you ever wanted to create a fresh sausage with your own spice blend? Attendees at our sausage-making classes love to experiment, here is a tasty recipe developed in the kitchen at High Caliber, and you might just have what you need in the pantry! Fresh Sausage Staples: Salt 15grams/kilo*

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