How should I tie off sausage ends… Sausage Clips, Twine or Knots?

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When to Use Clips to Tie Off Sausage

Sausage clips are generally used when making salami. They only truly need to be used when making something in a large-sized casing (40 – 90 mm). Clips are fast but require the purchase of the clips themselves as well as specific pliers for application. 

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Twine Is Arguably the Fastest Method for Tying Off Sausage Ends

The same result can be achieved using twine, which may be argued as being the fastest and most efficient way of tying off large-sized casings. Leaving yourself 3 – 4 inches of casing, twist the open end tightly. Simply give your twisted end 3 – 4 wrapped in string followed by 3- 4 half hitch knots.  

Aaron is in the High Caliber Kitchen and he talks about the Butcher’s knot and another name it goes by. Do you know what it is?

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Tie Off Sausage with Sausage Casing

Fresh sausage casings (hog/sheep/beef) can be tied onto themselves. They only need to be tied if the product is going to be hung in a smokehouse. If the meat block has been mixed properly, and the sausage is not going to be hung, it will not require tying.

Check out this video, where High Caliber expert instructor demonstrates the casing method…

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