Questions Commonly Asked by Our Hunters, Butchers and Home Processors

I am new to making jerky, what do I need to get started?
Check out our Jerky Making Supply list, click here to download.

I will be processing my own animals, what are the best tools for butchering?
Click here to download our Butcher Supply List.

I am just getting into Sausage Making, what supplies will I need?
Check out our handy dandy Sausage Making Supply list, click here to download.

Do you have a cheat sheet for steps involved when making Fresh or Smoked sausage?
Yes! Click here to download.  We also have Sausage Making Recipe Cards. Click here to view.

Why does the casing separate from the meat when I cook it?
This can occur with natural and collagen casings. More often than not, this is due to a sausage that is stuffed too tight or is cooking at a temperature that is too high. Try NOT to puncture the sausage while cooking, as this can be the beginning of a tear, and will let the tasty juices escape. Remember, lower heat, longer time and keep an eye on the frying pan or grill. Click here for more tips on cooking sausage

What is a quick way to remove the “gamey” taste of wild meat?
Ensuring your wild game harvest doesn’t have a “gamey” taste begins as soon as you field dress the carcass. Here are some steps to take if a less “gamey” flavour is your goal Click here for 5 ways to remove gamey taste

Our Happy Sausage Makers!

Still not sure how to make sausage or jerky at home? Sign up for one of our classes, you won’t be disappointed! Here is what some past attendees have to say…

…”absolutely top drawer presentation! Exceeded my expectations…”

…”I have been making sausage for 15 years and I still learned a lot here…”

…”was quite valuable in helping me solve some problems I was having making sausage at home…”

…”what a fun class! I will recommend it to my friends…”

…”well done…100% more knowledgeable on how to make sausage…”

…”nice & casual thus learning was fun & informative…”

…”very enjoyable. “Hands-On is very beneficial…instructor is exceptional…
And to the point…”

…”great information shared – for novice or experienced person. Lots of Helpful hints and basic instructions – great class!…”

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