Biro Meat Processing Equipment

Biro Meat Processing Equipment

Biro Meat Processing Equipment for Sale in Canada

When you process meat for a living, your equipment has to be reliable. Down time means less bottom line so we make sure that our commercial equipment is as reliable as it is strong. BIRO® Manufacturing is a leading producer of quality meat processing equipment and has been recognized as such since 1921. Meat saws, mixer grinders, meat grinders, tenderizers, slicers, chippers and more, this is the brand you want to go with if you’re processing meat at a commercial level.
And if we’ve learned anything about our big-time meat processors, we’ve learned that they like ‘em big and they like ‘em powerful. High Caliber carries BIRO meat saws including heavy-duty fixed head meat saws for high-volume applications, with a 142” blade and 17” cut. Meat saws provide the power needed to break pork, lamb or beef all day in a high-volume production application. Look for our array of commercial meat grinders that come standard with a stainless-steel case, tray and guard, tinned bowl, ring and worm, with heavy-duty roller chain drive for transmission.

Things to look for when sourcing quality commercial meat processing equipment:


  • Anodized polished aluminum body with stainless steel enclosures
  • Safety and sanitation integral to the design
  • Non-corrosive metal framing
  • Ability to design and build machines based on customer specifications
  • Ability to obtain replacement parts
  • Authorized service locations and technical assistance

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Commercial meat processing equipment purchases are quite literally a “BIG” investment and we are happy to discuss options. Our knowledgeable staff is just a phone call away, toll free at 1-877-736-7287. Or visit our showroom in Calgary or Edmonton to compare products.
Based in Ohio, USA, BIRO designs, manufactures and markets safe, durable and reliable power operated, stainless steel, food and meat processing machinery. Their equipment is designed to satisfy the requirements of both smaller or larger volume operations including food retail stores, food services and food processing companies such as portion control and seafood processing manufacturers.


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