Mainca Commercial Stuffers and Mixers

Mainca Commercial Stuffers and Mixers

Mainca Commercial Sausage Stuffers, Meat Mixers & More for Sale in Canada

Nobody likes a sloppy sausage. A perfectly filled casing is key to producing a perfect sausage, that’s why High Caliber carries Mainca Stuffers. Mainca has been designing and producing industry-leading products, which have raised the bar of quality and innovation, for over thirty years. Precision engineering and attention to detail make Mainca stuffers the world’s finest small and medium size sausage fillers available today. These commercial grade products will make quick work of your sausage stuffing while yielding top notch, gourmet results!

Exceptional features offered on Mainca Stuffers:


  • Fully made in stainless steel 18/10 except the lid and piston which are in anodized aluminum
  • Adjustable knob for speed and working pressure
  • Anti-tilt Trolley and Castor System available
  • Removable piston for easy cleaning
  • Swing open lid design
  • A side mounted knee lever

And before you even think about stuffing, the art of mixing to the ideal consistency cannot be overlooked! Mainca’s quality meat mixers are built to handle a wide range of meat and food products and offer a gentle, quick and complete mix. For sausage blends, Mainca meat mixers are designed to do it right. Constructed for demanding European butchers and chefs, the Mainca Mixer produces the best quality blend in the industry and is ideal for the small to medium size processor, a manufacturing plant test kitchen or QC lab, or the serious home butcher looking for the best quality mixer available.
Exceptional features offered on Meat Mixers:

Exceptional features offered on Meat Mixers:

  • “No-Tools” disassembly makes it the easiest to clean and sanitize.
  • Yields consistent results whether you need a production run of 275lbs, or a test batch of 20lbs
  • Stainless steel.

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Mainca Equipment is the leading maker of meat processing equipment produced in Spain, but if ever needed, you can rely on High Caliber for local, timely technical support and service. Mainca prides themselves on user-friendly features, high quality construction, easy cleanup and durability under the harshest industry conditions. Their brushed stainless finish enhances the appearance as well as the longevity of the entire Mainca line. Mainca equipment is designed for today’s busy operator who needs trouble-free equipment that lasts.
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