How to Avoid Air Pockets in Homemade Sausage

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High Caliber Instructor Demonstrates how to Remove Air from Meat Mixture by Punching it into the Press

How to Avoid Air Pockets in Homemade Sausage

Tips and Tricks for the Home Processor

If you’ve ever made sausage at home, you may have inadvertently incorporated some unappealing air pockets in your “rope” sausage while stuffing your casing.  To make sure that your sausage is nice, tight and firm  before it is linked, refer to these four tips.

4 Ways to Reduce Air in Your Homemade Sausage:

  1. Have the right equipment for the job. You might save money by using a sausage stuffer tube on your grinder, but the struggle will be real! Invest in a decent sausage stuffer and you’ll be well on your way to making a professional sausage at home.
  2. Punch the meat into the sausage stuffer canister. Pack the meat in as tightly as possible to push out any air that might be in the press.
  3. Regulate the flow of meat into the casing. Too fast, and you’ll have loose, air-filled sausages. Too slow and you’ll be blowing out the casing and starting over. This job becomes much easier if you have a buddy to help.
  4. Use a sausage pricker. These handy little tools can remove the obvious air bubbles that show up in the casing as you’re stuffing.

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