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Are you wondering which commercial refrigeration services you should choose for your food industry? There is a range of commercial refrigerators in the market, some of which will be inefficient for your usage. Commercial fridges are investments, and you want to make the right choice after doing enough research about all your options.

Reasons To Choose Us For Your Commercial Refrigeration Edmonton AB

We Ensure Proper Safety And Security

Does your commercial refrigeration appliance have the features and systems to work correctly for its intended commercial setting? It would help if you had a stellar fridge to keep the cool air inside and the warm air outside the door. You will find that fridges of bad quality have weak doors where food collects at the seal, or the air quality is not good enough for the food to retain the set temperature setting.

Varied Sizes Of Fridges

Refrigeration appliances should be available in different sizes to be able to contain all you will need for your business. Large businesses like restaurants and supermarkets need larger systems to store all the proper containers and foods.

Fortunately, we have different sizes of fridges, and each one is equipped with features that will offer adequate storage for most small to medium businesses that need massive storage space. The commercial units contain the right thermostat because these fridges need to operate differently from the residential units to manage all the intense cooling processes that come with commercial units.

Do not choose a small fridge that will not allow you to leave enough space for you to stock all your items and reduce the severe risk of dreadful scenarios like causing damage to the fragile features. Instead, find one with a slightly larger internal size, and you should be able to run all your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Clean Units For Commercial Refrigeration Near Edmonton

The commercial fridge unit should be clean from its deepest levels, such as the condenser coils. High Caliber makes an effort to inspect that the entire unit is clean on all features and will replace any parts before we make the unit available for the next customer.

Our proactive cleaning and maintenance routine ensures that the equipment stays cleaner for longer, does not develop malfunctions from harsh chemicals, and will not suffer emergency breakdowns because we missed cleaning critical areas and replacing the right parts.

Advanced Features And Systems

There are several types of commercial refrigeration units in the market, each with unique controls, systems, and appearances. Our refrigeration contractors in Edmonton, AB, have stocked our commercial fridges to include advanced anti-heaters, auto-closing systems, and energy-saving features, which cut down on the cost of electricity but still maintain proper temperatures.

Smart Lighting System

Do you want a commercial refrigerant system to detect when someone opens the door? Our units have LED light systems to improve visibility, and the walk-in coolers and freezers have automatic lighting systems which light up when you walk through the door. You will deal with frequent door openings, and we will deal with frequent door opening before you want a unit that is easy to install and has specific temperature settings to help you store your food items.

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