Using Deheated Mustard as a Binder in Sausage

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What is the best binder to use when making sausage at home?

Properly made sausage does not require a binder.  Correctly mixed sausage with appropriate water levels will bind all on its own. 

Most people making homemade sausage are looking for a nutritious, wholesome product with the fewest amount of additives. Limiting the number of additives will reduce the risk of introducing allergens.

When and why is a binder used?

If you’re mixing your meat block with spice and you feel that a binder is needed, High Caliber Sausage Making Instructor Aaron McLaughlin recommends Deheated Mustard. Like other binders, Deheated Mustard is an allergen, but it impacts fewer people when compared to Milk or Soy binders.  

Gluten-Free, Deheated Mustard as a binder also adds protein.  It can be used as a thickener, emulsion stabilizer and antioxidant. Along with being a low-cost option, this will improve flavor and increase water and fat binding.  This essential ingredient will increase cook yields, extend the freshness and add a nice color to your finished products.

How is Deheated Mustard different than Powdered Mustard?

Deheated Mustard is different from Powdered Mustard as it has no taste due to it being an acid-removed mustard powder, which consists mainly of starch and 25-35% protein. 

It is deheated by using a heat process that inactivates the enzyme that makes regular ground mustard “hot”.  Deheated Mustard also has outstanding antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.  This makes Deheated Mustard an excellent binder for sausage.  

Why is it called AIM?

Deheated Mustard is also sometimes referred to as AIM, which stands for Alberta Industrial Mustard.  Canada is responsible for most of the global mustard supply, having the majority grown in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  SOURCE

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