Smoke Flavours for Perfect Meat Pairings


amokeflavoursTips for working with smoke flavours for perfect  meatpairings:

Beef & Pork. Old standby’s, these cuts of meat will pair with pretty much any smoke chip flavour you can dream up. Wanting to make your own unique smoke blend? Pair apple chips with another wood type, they work well in pairings.

Big Bird (aka Poultry). Another type of meat that will work with almost any flavour on the smoker, just careful with mesquite, it tends to overpower on delicate meats.

Salmon. Seafood can pair nicely with an apple or cherry flavoured chip, but we like Alder, a hardwood with a slightly sweet flavour.

Wild Game. Steer clear of the fruity flavours. We recommend a hickory or mesquite. Remember with mesquite though, a good rule of thumb is to use it like you’d use chilli peppers – in moderation and in combination with other flavours.

And don’t forget….

  • smoke isn’t just adding flavour to your meat, it’s adding hue. For example, Cherry chips can add a rosy appearance to light coloured meat.
  • always use a digital thermometer with an alarm to measure the temperature of your smoked sausage
  • you can always use a liquid or powdered smoke flavor to achieve a smoked effect. Be careful to add only the amount recommended.

Smokers unite! Come in, give us a call, send up a smoke signal, attend a class or follow us on Facebook. We’re a local community of jerky-making, sausage-eating maybe the odd beer-drinking enthusiasts alike.

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