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Thank you very much for ordering natural products from High Caliber Products.  

When you place an order online and select shipping, we want you to know that we take the appropriate care to ensure that your items are shipped out in a timely and safe manner.  

Due to the sensitive features of some natural products, we want to do our best to inform you of our natural product shipping protocols BEFORE you order.

This is an overview of how we handle the shipping of our natural products.

Natural Casing & High-Temperature Cheese

Our Natural Casing and High-Temperature Cheese are securely packaged in clear vacuum bags,  wrapped and boxed to ship via Expedited Canada Post.

  • Cold packs may be included depending on a few factors.  
  • All packages are shipped via Expedited Parcel from Calgary (Includes tracking. Delivery normally within 3 – 5 business days)
  • If you prefer, Priority Post can be chosen (normally 2 – 3 days delivery). This option will incur extra costs and is not included in any Free Shipping offer (if the order qualifies). 
  • These products are not shipped via refrigerated transport.  

What to expect when ordering natural products online

Natural Casing and High-Temperature Cheddar Cheese may arrive at room temperature due to higher outside ambient temperatures even though it is packaged well. 

The products are very stable and can be confidently used.  We recommend that you please place the casing or cheese in the fridge for a few hours. Bring the product down to a colder temperature (at or below 40 °F or 4 °C) prior to use. 

The following shipping options are available for natural products:

  1. Call our knowledgeable staff to arrange for a different shipping date to accommodate fluctuations in outside temperatures
  2. Insulated Packaging can be used at an increased cost to you (due to larger packaging & weight of shipment)
  3. Alternate carriers can be arranged at an extra cost

We work very hard to provide quality products and a safe home-processing experience.

Our methods and protocols are stringent and in line with the very best in industry standards. We work closely with meat scientists to formulate our blends and recipes. We consult with them regularly on matters of food safety as they pertain to our products.

Our recommendations when ordering products are to CALL if you’re unsure. Select hold for pickup (if possible) on any items you’re concerned about shipping.

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