How to choose your Victorinox Knife

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Remember when you were a kid and the coolest thing to have was a Swiss Army Knife?

Likely it was your most prized possession and even more likely you still have it today. Best known as the maker of the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox has capitalized on its functionality, quality and innovative design to expand into other product categories including household and professional butcher and hunting knives. 

The Victorinox line of cutlery means that you always have the right tool at hand. They pride themselves on knives that are ergonomically designed and exceptionally sharp.

Touting itself as the “proud companion for your life”, Victorinox provides essential tools their clients can rely on. Click here for a FREE DOWNLOAD How to Choose The Right Victorinox Knife for the job.

We carry a great selection of Victorinox knives, steels, shears, guards & more. The best of the best for the hunter, butcher or chef in your life.

Did you know that we have fully stocked locations in Edmonton and Calgary? Please call one of our locations and a friendly, knowledgeable staff member will be happy to assist you with your knife-shopping needs!

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