Ground Beef Jerky Procedure


Ground Beef Jerky Procedure


Using a packaged blend can take the guess work out of the seasoning and curing of your jerky project. Most of our High Caliber Jerky Blends ( Peppered, Teriyaki, Hot n’ Sweet, Honey Garlic) are formulated for soaking strips of muscle meat in brine (water and spices). Our Alberta Beef Jerky spice is formulated as a “dry rub” for rubbing into muscle meat strips.


Any of our Jerky Blends are great in the production of ground beef jerky!  We recommend using all of the water shown on the package to distribute the spices throughout the mixture. If the spice package does not list water, it is recommended to use 5% to distribute the ingredients. It really depends on how you want the consistency and taste of your end product to be. Any additional water should be accounted for as meat block.


Ensure all jerky reaches an internal temperature of 71 °C. Finishing your jerky in the oven can be an easy way to reach that safe internal temperature.


Our jerky spices can be used for both sliced beef jerky and ground beef jerky.


Click here for more information on making Ground Beef Jerky.


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