For the Love of Mother’s (and Vacuum Bags)


We have learned about the most fantastic organization – Knitted Knockers Alberta. The organizer’s had caught wind about our sensational vacuum bags through some hunting buddies and they had a proposition:
Could High Caliber Products extend them a discount on vacuum bags to help cancer survivors?

Well that was the gist of it, anyway.

Here’s the full story and the compelling letter we received from our new friends at Knitted Knockers…

Greetings from Knitted Knockers Alberta & Canada

My husband found out about your vacuum bags from his hunter friends. We are a volunteer group and our mandate is to help breast cancer survivors. (they pretty much had us by this point – vacuum bags, hunters, breast cancer survivors – who could say no to this!?) We have the support of over 120 knitters, numerous Yarn stores and lingerie stores. 

So I bet you are wondering what does that have to do with vacuum bags??

We supply alternative comfortable knitted breast prostheses to any Canadian breast cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy or lumpectomy. The medical silicone breast prosthetics are heavy hot and the government doesn’t cover the $600 (for one) cost of breast prosthetics to our cancer survivors.

We offer free knitted knockers and they are very helpful to our cancer patients. In order to mail them out for the lowest postage fee, we VACUUM PACK them. Since we survive only on donations, we are always looking for a less expensive way to keep this group going.

Since we started in 2015 we have given over 8000 FREE knitted knockers to cancer survivors. My wish is to have breast cancer eliminated, but until then we will continue to help by mailing them to our sister-cancer survivors.

We will be using your vacuum bags because they are perfect for what we have to do, and a lot more inexpensive than {the competitions’s} vacuum bags (not naming any names but it rhymes with mood craver). If you could allow us a discount in the cost of these bags that would really be great, and we will acknowledge your company on our website.

Please check out their website knittedknockersAB or Facebook page Knitted Knockers Alberta & Canada | Facebook

Warmest Regards,


Well Donna, you asked and we will deliver! Not only will we be your main squeeze – whoops, we mean supplier – of vacuum bags, for the month of May we will be donating 5% of ALL vacuum bag sales to your amazing charity.

Check out their links above and donate directly – let’s show them some love!

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