Ground Beef Jerky Procedure

Ground Beef Jerky Procedure   Using a packaged blend can take the guess work out of the seasoning and curing of your jerky project. Most of our High Caliber Jerky Blends ( Peppered, Teriyaki, Hot n’ Sweet, Honey Garlic) are formulated for soaking strips of muscle meat in brine (water and spices). Our Alberta Beef Jerky […]

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Make the Best Jerky

Drying or dehydrating stabilizes the product to prevent growth of micro-organisms. However, heat treatment with the appropriate humidity is required to kill or reduce the micro-organisms that may be currently present. All jerky must be heat treated (cooked) to ensure it is safe to consume. Simply dehydrating is not enough.   Muscle Selection: For whole muscle […]

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Making Ground Beef Jerky

Summer is here and you need some handy, nutritious snacks to grab on your way out the door. What better than homemade beef jerky? Mild, hot and spicy, sweet or garlicky… the options are endless! That will be your hardest decision of the day. Speed up the process by using a Jerky Gun or make […]

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