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MondoStart Surface Mold Cultures(5g/PKG)

A blend of safe-to-eat and handle white molds which are commonly used to provide a particular “old world” dried sausage appearance.  The molds will also provide specific sensory notes (smell in particular) and improved food safety through protection against dangerous black and green molds.  Just add to water and apply to the sausage surface before fermenting/drying.

MondoStart Surface is an ideal surface (mold) culture for the production of dried, fermented raw sausages and raw cured products.

Recommended usage:  Use 5g for 5L of cold water.  Dip the sausage or spray the culture solution onto the casing.

Safety Storage & Handling:

  • Non-toxic material.  Keep dark,  cool and store in a dry area at -18 °C.  Store in the original sealed packaging
  • Shelf  Life:  12 months, store at -18° C (in Freezer)
  • Shipping:  Ship with ice packs.    See below for further details.
  • Labelling:  Ingredients:  Dextrose, Mold Cultures
  • Allergens:  None

**Please put in freezer immediately upon receipt

Please CONTACT US to determine Shipping options.

Conditions must be considered due to final destination,  time of year and weather conditions.

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