JERKY KIT (8pkg)


Can’t decide  which flavor to make? Let us take the guess work out for you.


This handy kit of jerky spices includes High Caliber’s trusted and flavorful profiles.

Includes one package of each: Peppered Jerky, Teriyaki Jerky, Cowboy Jerky, Alberta Beef Jerky and Hot n’ Sweet Jerky and Honey Garlic Jerky.

And now…a newer flavor of Jalapeno Jerky! This new profile has a “jala” hint of jalapeno, just enough to say “whew”, but not crazy.  This package will do 24lbs of meat.  A Mexican fiesta anytime of year.

And, for a zesty zip of flavor, try High’er Caliber’s even newer flavor of Chili Lime Jerky! This taste journey starts with an unexpected citrus start and then finishes with a noticeable small blast of heat.  Not too  much, but enough to say “ole”.  Give it a try, and you can add a bit more heat of you want…but we think there is no need!  Added bonus of being Top 12 Allergen Free and lower in sodium.  Cleaner eating never tasted so good! Will produce 24lbs of meat.

Each of these packages will make 25 lbs of jerky, except the Alberta Beef will now do 36 lbs,  so you will be kept busy for a while!

When you buy these spices in this kit, you save a whack of money!

It comes in a convenient reusable High Caliber bag for any other toting around.

Ahhh, snacks great for spring, summer…anytime!


Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10.5 × 8 in


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