High Caliber’s family is a dedicated and energetic group during and after work. Dedicated to working hard, having fun, trying innovative recipes or being active outdoors, this is where you will find us. Our staff has a wild mishmash of passions…canoeing, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, gardening - even classical guitar!

Of course, the main reason we are all here…eating.

Being outdoors and seeking adventures, is the code we live by. When you come to our shop, you will find someone here to share your aspirations and ideas with. We all find our adventures in different places, but we stay active and we love going to work in a place that allows us to share our mission with all Canadians.

On the spur of the moment, you may see one of us making a colossal mess trying to brine a brisket with a new recipe, or a new method to smoke some tasty new jerky. We want to try what you try…so join us on Facebook and tell us about your adventures in the bush or the new recipe you want to try.

All of us at High Caliber appreciate the opportunity to help our adventure-seeking customers whether it be in the corporate jungle or redneck prairies that we are lucky enough to call home.  


Meet Our Class Instructors

Chris Giffen is an industry Operational Resource Specialist with more than 27 years of experience specializing in innovative management and operational solutions for meat processing enterprises. Chris maintains a strong focus on operational management, process design, traceability, regulatory compliance, food safety, meat processing, and infrastructure feasibility issues. He has also been a key resource on several meat industry development, training and traceability development projects throughout the USA, Asia, Africa, UAE, and South America.

On a personal note, Chris is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for hunting, archery, horse packing in the mountains, atv's and competitive mounted shooting throughout the USA. He has eight horses and a miniature mule and loves to travel.


Aaron McLaughlin has been active in the meat industry for the past 15 years.  He has had the opportunity to gain experience in almost every avenue of meat cutting and processing.  His interest in sausage making was developed at a young age when he would make family recipes in the kitchen with a hand press. From there his career took him to small butcher shops, abattoirs, large grocery chains and high-end butcher shops. He now finds himself at Olds College working in the National Meat Training Center.

Formally trained at SAIT in the Retail Meat Cutting Program Aaron knew his education was far from over. He spent 10 years in the fast paced meat market of Calgary, realizing that the education in Meat Sciences is never really over. He is excited to see where his career journey takes him next.

Aaron and his wife Chelsea recently made the move from Calgary to Didsbury. They own a home and a flower shop in Didsbury and are settling in to the small town life.


Brian Kosinski was trained as a professional butcher/chef and hails from a long line of sausage makers, stemming back to his European Grandfather who emigrated to Canada during the depression years. His family is still producing fine smoked goods in Europe to this very day. This knowledge, combined with over 31 years in the education field, rounds out Brian’s ability and skill set to inspire the beginner and intermediate sausage maker alike.

Trained professionally in sausage making, Brian brings a vast knowledge of smoking and culinary skills to the table with many tips to help you out.
Brian has trained students of all ages and ability over the years and is willing to answer any questions on products, smoking and recipes in order to get you well on your way to being a successful sausage maker!

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