HC-about-us-TESTIMONIALOur Happy Sausage Makers!

Our legendary instructors and the CTR Staff are very proud of our “educated” Sausage Students!

They all shared great tales of their own hunting and sausage-making experiences (and they were all true!). The enthusiasm and attentiveness was contagious and the “goody” bags that were taken home for their spouse (or buddy) was really appreciated.

Here are comments from some of the “Sausage Artists…”

…”absolutely top drawer presentation! Exceeded my expectations…”

…”I have been making sausage for 15 years and I still learned a lot here…”

…”was quite valuable in helping me solve some problems I was having making sausage at home…”

…”what a fun class! I will recommend it to my friends…”

…”well done…100% more knowledgeable on how to make sausage…”

…”nice & casual thus learning was fun & informative…”

…”very enjoyable. “Hands-On is very beneficial…instructor is exceptional…
And to the point…”

…”great information shared – for novice or experienced person. Lots of Helpful hints and basic instructions – great class!…”

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COVID-19 UPDATE: While our staff will be here regular hours, we will be closed to the public effective immediately. Please call or order online until further notice.

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