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Sausage Casing Calgary

Sausage Casing Calgary

Types of Sausage Casings

At High Caliber Products, we offer an extensive range of sausage casings to meet every culinary requirement. Natural casings, made from the intestines of animals, provide a traditional look and feel. Collagen casings, derived from animal skin, are popular for their uniformity and ease of use. For those looking for plant-based options, cellulose casings are ideal, especially for skinless sausages. Additionally, we cater to large-scale operations with fibrous casings, which are durable and perfect for smoked sausages.

Benefits of Using Natural Sausage Casings

Natural casings are the first choice among traditional sausage makers for their ability to enhance the sausage’s flavor, ensuring a succulent texture. They are breathable, allowing for deep smoke penetration during cooking and curing. Moreover, their natural curves and variability add to the homemade appeal of sausages, making each bite a unique experience.

Where to Buy Sausage Casings in Calgary

In Calgary, High Caliber Products stands as your premier destination for sausage casings of all types. Our locations in Calgary and Edmonton are stocked with a variety of casings to suit any sausage-making adventure. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, our knowledgeable staff can guide you to the perfect casing choice for your project.

How to Choose the Right Sausage Casing for Your Recipe

Choosing the right sausage casing is vital to achieving the desired results. Consider the sausage size, type, and cooking method. Natural casings are ideal for fresh and smoked sausages due to their permeability. Collagen casings are best for uniformity and strength, suitable for grilling. Cellulose and fibrous casings are excellent for large volume production, offering ease of use and consistency.

Tips for Using Sausage Casings

Using sausage casings efficiently can enhance your sausage-making experience. Ensure casings are adequately soaked and rinsed before use to improve pliability. When filling, avoid overstuffing to prevent ruptures. Twisting at regular intervals can help maintain consistent sausage links. Properly storing the unused casings in a cool, dry place will preserve their quality for future use.

Comparing Natural and Synthetic Sausage Casings

Natural casings are renowned for their superior flavor profile and traditional appeal. They offer a tender bite and are highly preferred for artisanal sausages. Synthetic casings, including collagen, cellulose, and fibrous, provide advantages in durability, ease of use, and uniformity. The choice between natural and synthetic depends on personal preference, the type of sausage, and the production scale.

Local Suppliers of Sausage Casings in Calgary

High Caliber Products is your local expert in Calgary for all sausage casing needs. Our extensive inventory ensures that we have the right casing for any recipe. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality casings from reputable manufacturers globally, ensuring our customers get the best product for their culinary creations.

Sausage Casing Preparation and Storage

Proper preparation and storage of sausage casings are crucial for maintaining their quality. Natural casings should be soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before use to ensure flexibility. Unused casings can be stored in a salt brine solution and refrigerated to preserve their condition. Synthetic casings usually require less preparation and can be stored in a cool, dry place.

Sausage Casing Sizes and Varieties

Sausage casings come in a range of sizes and types to cater to different sausage recipes. From slender snack sticks to thick salamis, High Caliber Products offers casings in various diameters and lengths. Understanding the applicable size and type for your sausage can enhance the final product’s appearance and taste.

Sausage Casing Pricing and Availability in Calgary

High Caliber Products ensures competitive pricing and availability of sausage casings in Calgary. We strive to keep a comprehensive stock to meet the immediate needs of our customers. Pricing varies based on the type, size, and quantity of casings, with options available to suit every budget.

Embark on your sausage-making journey with High Caliber Products, where quality meets tradition. With our extensive selection of casings and expert advice, we are dedicated to making every sausage-making experience a success. Visit us in Calgary or reach out online for all your sausage casing needs.

Sausage Casing Calgary

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