High Caliber Sausage Blend Sampler Packs


Specially curated sausage blends packaged up in flavour favourite sampler packs.

Designed for any sausage lover, whether new to the craft or an experienced protein processor.


We know sausage flavors are hard to choose, so we have designed specific flavors to guide you in your healthy meat-processing efforts:

  • Aim for Adventure: Wild Game (GF) + Jalapeno Jerky (GF) + Tangy Pepperoni (GF)
  • Live the Lifestyle: Octoberfest + Maple + Andouille (GF)
  • Trust the Tradition: Breakfast + English Banger + Mild Italian

These trusted recipes and easy-to-follow instructions will ensure success every time from beginners to experts!

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Aim for Adventure, Live the Lifestyle, Trust the Tradition


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