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CGY HIBERNATION DEMO 1:30PM Saturday, March 17/18


CGY HIBERNATION DEMO 1:30PM Saturday, March 17/18
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CGY HIBERNATION DEMO 1:30PM Saturday, March 17/18

Join us for our third sausage-making demo in Calgary on Saturday, March 17/18 at 1:30pm.



Bust out of hibernation with us and learn about the essential tips for making quality, homemade sausage.

Even though this demo is quick, you will learn the importance of:

– good cuts of meat to use

– spices, cures and additives for sausage making

– properly grinding your meat

– technique for best mixing of your sausage batter

– best procedures for stuffing the mixture into sausage casing (both natural and collagen)

– linking your prize made sausage

– properly cooking your sausage creations!

Demonstration is instructed by a prominent Food Industry Strategist!

Ponder all of the important information while having lunch on us too.

This fun day includes trivia competitions, free draw prizes, product specials and more!


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