How to make sausage at home: Sausage-Making Video Tutorials

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Nothing beats in-person instruction when it comes to a hands-on activity like sausage-making, we know! Gathering with fellow processors is a great way to spend a Saturday. The NEXT BEST THING is tuning into the High Caliber Video Tutorial series with our industry expert instructor Aaron McLaughlin. This series walks you through the entire sausage-making process, including pro tips on how to extend the life of your equipment.

Extremely knowledgeable in sausage-making, we are slightly less inclined when it comes to the tech stuff. Please bear with us as we unroll our first series which includes 8 videos that will walk you through the steps so you can make sausage at home, safely and confidently!

High Caliber Instructional Videos featuring instructor Aaron McLaughlin

Series #1: Sausage-Making

This sausage-making video tutorial series includes:

  • Assembling Your Sausage Stuffer: Important tips to make sure you are setup properly. Understanding your equipment and how it goes together will ensure you are operating safely and efficiently.
  • Assembling Your Meat Grinder: This asset is a home processor’s dream. Learn how to set it up properly!
  • Selecting & Weighing Spices & Meat Block: Determining what meat and or meat blend to use and how to achieve a proper spice ratio can be tricky. Aaron walks you through step-by-step to ensure you achieve your desired results.
  • Selecting a Casing: All about sausage casing, this video details the variety of sausage casings we carry and which one is best for the type of sausage you want to make.
  • Grinding & Mixing: Get into the science and learn how to use High Caliber Sausage Blends.
  • Stuffing & Linking: How to stuff & link sausage for a professional looking finished product
  • Smoking: Aaron guides you through timing and temperatures to ensure you get maximum flavour without drying out your masterpiece.
  • Storing Grinder Plates & Knives: Simple but crucial tips for storing your grinder plates and knives to extend their life span.

To kick things off, check out the sausage-making video below, where instructor Aaron McLaughlin demonstrates the best way to set up and store your meat grinder!

We are already working to bring you MORE video content. Please send us your feedback – we are always looking for content ideas and ways to serve you better.

Where to buy

And of course, all of the products and spices featured in our sausage-making video series can be purchased at High Caliber Products! Click here to browse our inventory online, and don’t hesitate to pop in or call if you have questions.

Check out more of our videos on our youtube channel.

6 thoughts on “How to make sausage at home: Sausage-Making Video Tutorials”

    • HI Bryan,
      Thank you for your support. We are lucky to have our favorite instructor conducting the videos, so it is like being in a class.
      Stay tuned for more in the new year!

  1. I have been waiting for a couple of years now to attend your sausage making class. Thanks for putting a video series together. This will definitely help until things open back up again. Your products are awesome and your team is the best. Thanks!

    • HI Robert!
      We are patiently waiting to conduct more classes when we can. Thank you for your anticipation. We are lucky to have our instructor conduct the videos, so it will be like in a class.
      Look for more topics to come in the new year! All the best for great success in your sausage-making endeavors.

  2. This is so exciting. I was all geared up and ready to attend a couple years ago before our world was flipped in its head. I look forward to the videos. They will do until we can one day, be there in person and enjoy the fellowship and laughs and delicious sausage.

    • HI Chris,
      We thank you for looking forward to viewing our videos with our original (and great) sausage instructor. We have more content coming soon, so stay tuned!
      Someday we will be able to conduct our classes, so we will look forward to that!
      Wishing you all the best, from all of us at High Caliber


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