Drug Interventionists

Drug Interventionists

Drug and alcohol addiction is a common and serious problem in our society. Millions of people suffer from this problem worldwide and the United States is no exception. More than 14 million people abuse or overuse substances that are harmful to their health.

However, diagnosing addiction to any type of substance is a job that must be done by Addiction intervention specialists, as addiction-related behaviors do not form overnight. There are several ways to find out if a person is addicted to any substance or is suffering health damage from drug use.

The best option for this is to contact drug and alcohol intervention programs, where you can Help a loved one overcome addiction or if you think you are suffering from addiction symptoms. An addiction problem can be prevented or treated early.

What are the symptoms of drug addiction?

Diagnosing whether someone is abusing unhealthy substances can vary depending on the type of drug used. However, from Addiction Recovery Center we can point out some of the most common behavior patterns and symptoms of an addict:

– Socially isolated behavior or disappearing from home or family events seemingly at random.

– Sudden mood swings, self-critical behavior or general apathy.

– Dilated or bloodshot eyes and appearing “out of it” (depersonalization).

– Altered sleep patterns, such as oversleeping or insomnia.

– Compulsive behavior of lying or stealing.

– Continuous lending of money to family or friends. As well as constant selling of personal and household items.

– Abusive or disrespectful attitude towards others or oneself.

– Feelings of worry or distress.

– Sudden outbursts of anger or intense pain.

– Paranoia, increased fear, panic attacks and anxiety.

– Withdrawal symptoms appear when the drug is stopped (high sensitivity to pain, tremors, restlessness, fatigue, clammy skin, sweating, vomiting, chills, aches and pains).

– Suicidal thoughts and increased behaviors that put personal integrity at risk.

– Joking about being addicted or denying any pattern of altered behavior.

– Continued loss of jobs due to substance use in the workplace.

How to stage an alcohol or drug abuse intervention?

Therapy and outpatient addiction treatment have always been the best option. there is a wide field of methods, approaches and interventions to help substance users with their mental and emotional needs. However, not all patients are the same and that is why we offer a wide range of therapies to assist in the addiction recovery process:

– Medical detox: this involves carrying out a process of abstinence supervised by specialists and doctors who will accompany the patient in this type of therapy. Ensuring their well-being and that they do not suffer serious consequences when undergoing this treatment.

– Alcohol addiction: this program seeks to reduce the excessive consumption of alcohol by the person, as well as behaviors created by anxiety and the need to generate pleasure through drinking.

– Drug addiction: with this therapy the person will have the opportunity to get away from the consumption of substances that have aggravated their mental health, their work and family relationship through the use of medications for detoxification and behavioral therapy.

– Dual diagnosis: this program is offered exclusively by Addiction Recovery Center in Scottsdale. It is about making a diagnosis of drug addiction and mental disorder. In other words, a diagnosis that involves psychiatry and detoxification.

How to do an intervention?

We will always be willing to help you. Our passion is to help all those people willing to overcome their alcohol or drug abuse problem. contact us through our communication lines. You can go to our website and fill out our form or call our phone line 866-584-2525. Do it now and regain the life you had before addiction.

Drug Interventionists

Addiction Interventions

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