Commercial Refrigeration Edmonton

Commercial Refrigeration Edmonton

Any establishment that offers food services must invest in superior refrigeration services to keep their items fresh and cold at all times. These tools help protect the customer from foodborne illnesses that arise from improper storage. You will find these fridges in commercial spaces like supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, and ample office spaces. Which fridge should you choose to fit your custom commercial needs?

Reasons to choose our Edmonton refrigeration company


What makes the best commercial refrigerators when you take a first glance? It is frustrating to have to read through paragraphs of technical jargon to find the suitable types. The easiest way is to look at the Energy Star rating, which means the fridge meets and exceeds the needed energy ratings. These systems usually have better prices and are more environmentally friendly.

Diverse configuration

Do you have an idea of the configurations you need in your commercial fridge? The following are the most common for commercial refrigerators.

  • Capacity – Commercial fridge systems must have the correct internal and external dimensions to accommodate all your food items. Our units have various dimensional configurations, so you can always find something that suits your business.
  • Doors – The number of doors on the unit will give you a rough idea of the storage capacity and the ease of day-to-day operations. The single-door unit is suitable for storing light items that are easy to put and take out. The three or two-door unit is better for heavy or oversized items that need more space to pull out. We recommend this fridge if you only wish to use it once or twice a week because it may not have all the sections you need to organize all items.
  • Reach – The reach-in fridge has one of the most common features, with shallow shelves for easy access. The countertop fridge is better because it improves efficiency and is excellent for small food items like drinks and salads.


How do you plan to install the commercial fridge? The first step is to choose a supplier who will help you install the unit and make sure it adheres to the proper operational guidelines. We can help you decide on the best location in the room for the fridge and ensure the system has efficient operation to match the proper guidelines. Our professional refrigeration contractors in Edmonton AB will help ensure the unit receives the correct electrical voltage and maintains the warranty benefits because it will not break down from amateur installation techniques.

Excellent customer service

It makes no sense to buy your fridge from a supplier who lacks proper certification to offer helpful solutions. You do not want just anyone to sell you a fridge because they will not know how to meet the unique challenges of selecting or advising you on the correct units for your business. Our local shop in Edmonton has the best technicians to give you the proper detailed support, so you have minimal downtime and excellent operations.

Our team is available to help you learn all about our commercial refrigeration near Edmonton and can take in your booking requests when you contact us online or call.


Commercial Refrigeration Edmonton

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Commercial Refrigeration Edmonton

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