Colombia Paragliding

Four Things You Should Know About Colombia Paragliding

For those that have never gotten the opportunity to float in the air, there is a lot to know about Colombia paragliding. This activity is not for the faint-hearted people. Whether you are considering going for paragliding for the first time, or you just want to know more about this form of flight, you will definitely find some facts below that will interest you.

Paragliding in Columbia Is Much Safer Than You Can Imagine

When you are paragliding, there are about thirty-five different lines connecting you to the wing, and these lines are strong enough to carry your weight. When it concerns airborne sports or tours such as hang-gliding or paragliding, Colombia paragliding is known to be the safest among them all. Injuries and accidents are extremely rare, so long as the paragliding is done in a suitable and safe weather. The flight is even much safer when it is conducted at a much higher altitude.

Parasailing and Hang-Gliding are not the same as Paragliding

A lot of people that plan to go for paragliding in Colombia often make the mistake of asking for parasailing or hang-gliding, which is absolutely different from paragliding. In the case of hang-gliders, their wings have rigid structures, while for that of paragliders, the wings have soft structures that can be folded easily and transported without stress. Paragliding also has a slower rate of flying than when you are hang-gliding, this makes paragliding much easier for beginners and people that scared of flying. If you have seen someone being pulled along at the back of a boat sailing on water under what seems like a large parachute, that’s what is known as parasailing. In this case, the structures aren’t guided by the person that is flying, but by the person sailing the boat that is pulling them on the surface of the water.

Colombia Paragliding Has a Surprisingly Comfortable Experience

A lot of people think that they won’t be able to enjoy paragliding in Colombia simply because they’ll be distracted by a restrictive seat and a safety harness that won’t be comfortable for them. In reality, the harnesses of modern paragliding are just as comfortable as sitting in a lounge chair. Some paragliding harnesses have inbuilt lumbar support.

Pilots of Paragliders Have a Great Amount of Control

Steering a paraglider may not be as easy and simple as controlling or steering the wheels of a car, but the pilots do have a wide range of control options to make. At the fingertips of the pilot is equipment that controls the trailing edges and sides of the glider. Using these apparatuses available, the pilot has absolute control over the direction and speed of the glider. The only component that is under probability is how high the glider can go. This is fully dependent on the ability of the pilot to look for columns of rising thermals or air, and also a bit of luck. Pilots that are able to look for thermal air or pockets can continue paragliding for a very long distance.

Colombia Paragliding

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