Cajun Potato Spice

Cajun Potato Spice

The perfect Cajun fried potatoes require a Cajun potato spice that’s not too salty but packed with flavor. Maggie’s Cajun Style Seasoning is ideal for spicy Cajun-style potatoes fried the way your famiy likes them. Whether deep-fried in a vat or pan-fried in a skillet with oil, your potatoes are sure to please the crowd when using Maggie’s spice blend. There’s a reason why Maggie’s is called the best spice in the world- it’s versatile, loaded with herbs and special spices, and guaranteee to turn any ordinary dish into something extraordinary.

Maggie’s Recipe For Cajun Fried Potatoes

Our Cajun potato recipe starts with premium red potatoes cut into chips or fries, however your family prefers them. With thin-skinned potatoes, it’s not necessary to peel them, however you can if you want a restaurant-style fried potato; for a more rustic-looking chip or fry, leave the peels intact.

After cutting potatoes into chips or fries, soak them in cold water for 5 minutes, drain, and pat dry for best results.

Perfect Cajun Spiced Potatoes

Once your potatoes are completely dry, they’re ready for the next step. In a large mixing bowl, toss potatoes with a tablespoon of peanut, olive, or coconut oil, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, and 1 tablespoon of all purpose flour, stir to coat potato pieces completely. Using a slotted metal spoon or metal tongs, add fries or chips to your deep fryer or heated skillet with ½ inch of hot oil already added.

When using a deep frying vat, fry until the potatoes are a deep golden brown color; for pan frying, use tongs to flip when the bottoms of potatoes become golden, then fry the other side. Remove browned potatoes from the oil and place into a clean mixing bowl with a heaping tablespoon of Maggie’s Cajun Potato Spice. Toss quickly while potatoes are still hot and serve immediately with ketchup, sour cream, mustard, or your family’s favorite condiments.

For Cajun Oven Roasted Potatoes

Cajun seasoned potatoes can be cooked in the oven, as well. It’s important to roast oven potatoes long enough for the insides to become tender, which may mean boiling potatoes for a few minutes before they go in the oven or microwaving for a minute or two before baking. Once the potato pieces are half-cooked, spray with peanut or olive oil and toss with Maggie’s Cajun Style Seasoning, then bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes or until completely done in the middle. You’ll know they’re tender when a fork inserts easily all the way to the center.

There’s so much you can do with Maggie’s Irish Potato Seasoning and Maggie’s Cajun Style Seasoning- try adding it to any side dish or as a meat rub the next time you roast a chicken. Season with Maggie’s when making hot wings, add to vegetable beef soup or stew, or season chili with our world-famous spice blend- everything tastes better with Maggie’s.

What’s so special about Maggie’s? It’s versatile, it’s delicious, and it’s different. Buy Maggie’s seasonings from our web store or in grocery stores wherever Maggie’s is found.

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Cajun Potato Spice

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